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ESD storage and packaging

ESD tray, bins, various foams, desktop storage solutions and ESD bags
COCIS antistatic bins

Conductive ESD bins are used for small components and tools storage

Conductive polypropylene containers

Thickness - 2,5 mm Delivered unassembled Apertures for easy carrying on each side

Standarized ESD trays for boards and components storage

ESD trays are used for storage, transport and packaging of boards, components and finished units of electronic assembly

Dissipative foam

Dissipative foam used in packaging to protect an object from mechanical damage

ESD pink bubble bags

Excellent mechanical protection, 2 layers colamination

ESD boxes

Static field alternative and physical protection for shipping Microchips EPROMS/SIMMS.

Special offer Customized packaging and shipping trays for PCB and components handling

Customized packaging and shipping trays are developed to specific customer needs and requirements to handle most PCB's and ESSD's.