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VIKING technical and ESD furniture

Today VIKING brand offers a wide range of different workplaces, technical and ESD furniture and antistatic equipment.
We design and produce VIKING furniture as reliable, durable, ergonomic and easy to assemble products. In the past 10 years we have furnished thousands of Russian industrial enterprises, since 2007 we also sell our products to European electronics and semiconductor industry companies from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Finland, Hungary and others.

VIKING technical furniture provides ergonomic working area for any company and is distinguished by:

  • Wide range of functional, convertible and interchangeable modules for each particular employee;
  • Adjustment, layout and customization according to clients’ specific needs;
  • Possibility of modernization and refitting after the purchase;
  • Strict compliance with the international antistatic standard IEC 61340.

VIKING technical furniture product range includes workbenches, drawer units, equipment trolleys, carts and shelving, storage and wardrobe cabinets, antistatic chairs and other antistatic equipment and accessories.
VIKING furniture is produced in 2 versions: antistatic (ESD) and technical ones.

Workbenches series

Workbenches and supplementary elements, consolidated into several groups, including antistatic (ESD) workbenches.

Workplaces additional equipment

All kinds of additional equipment that helps to create ergonomic workspace.

ESD chairs

ESD laboratory chairs, stools and armchairs.

Dry storage cabinets

Special equipment designed to provide ultra-low ranges of relative humidity, which is necessary for handling moisture-sensitive components and materials.

Movable tables and transportation carts

Transportation carts and movable tables are used for tools and components storage and transportation or as additional workplaces.

Wire harness equipment

Wire harness workbenches and additional equipment to attach wires and bundles

Movable trolleys

Tools and equipment transportation trolleys

Modular storage systems

Turntable and stationary modular storage counters used for components and tools convenient storage.


Simple storage solutions

Cabinets and drawer units

Stationary, movable and suspended drawer units and small cabinets

Cabinets and wardrobes

Components, folders and tools storage solutions

Additional equipment for drawers

Different drawers dividers sets and ESD mats for drawers

Customized layouts

Various units with customized shape, additional elements, etc.

Heavy duty workbenches series Titan

Heavy duty workbenches with up to 2000 kg distributed load capacity, reinforced tools cabinets, shelving and additional movable furniture for machine-building and metalworking enterprises.