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Classic and Comfort workbenches video assembly instructions

05 april 2016

We are pleased to share small videos on workbenches assembly process with our partners and customers. Video assembly instructions for Classic and Comfort series workbenches are now available on

During last several years, we tried to make the assembly process of our products as clear as possible, constantly improving the visualization of our instructions. By now each module supplied with graphical assembly instructions, those are also available for download from corresponding products pages on our website. However, some customers may still face some uncertainty in the process of different modules consecutive assembly. We decided to help our partners and customers and show them our view of simplest and fastest way to assemble Classic and Comfort series workbenches.

Video assembly instruction for SR-12-7 Comfort workbench with shelf, half-size power panel, half-size perforated panel, half-size bin rail and suspended drawer unit.

Video assembly instruction for SR-15-9 Classic ESD workbench with shelves, perforated panel, power panel, bin rail and suspended drawer unit.

We hope that our small video assembly instructions explain some unclear details and help to simplify the process of workbench installation.

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