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English and German catalogues 2020 publishing

17 october 2019

Dipaul Company publishes the 2020 English and German catalogues

The updated catalogues include over 3000 products: workbenches and their component parts like shelves, power panels and lighting, storage and transportation solutions, additional equipment and garments.

Our English and German catalogs are being actualized each year to reflect minor changes in existing technical and ESD furniture lines and introduce the market all new products. As in previous years, there are many new products offered under several product lines sub-brands: Alliance, Gamma, Titan, Classic, Comfort and others.

New catalogs offer a line of five DC series dry storage cabinets, which is necessary for handling moisture-sensitive components and materials. DC ESD series dry storage cabinets is a line of special equipment designed to provide ultra-low ranges of relative humidity, these cabinets allow storing precision metal parts, printed circuit boards, plates, nano fibers, cassettes, laboratory samples or electronic modules.

The 2020 release catalogs also include most recent items VIKING technical and ESD furniture:

  • Alliance series workbenches with electric drive
  • Gamma series movable table and trolley,
  • TITAN series equipment,
  • New versions of ESD garments,
  • Other additional equipment to make working process smooth and comfortable.

New catalogs also offer multiple solutions for personnel and visitors grounding, cleanroom garments and accessories, bins, trays, containers and magazines for ESD storage and packaging.

English version catalog «VIKING technical and ESD furniture. VKG Tools ESD equipment.Dry storage cabinets» and German version catalog «VIKING Technische & ESD Arbeitsplatzsysteme. VKG Tools ESD Ausrüstung. Trockenlagerschranke» are available for download from the website, one can also order printed version

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