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VIKING at ElectronTechExpo 2016

04 may 2016

March, 15th to 17th 2016 VIKING technical and ESD furniture was exhibited at the largest in Russia specialized exhibition for electronics and components «ExpoElectronica / ElectronTechExpo» at one of the sections of Dipaul company joint booth.

"ElectronTechExpo" - the biggest and the most important show in Russia and Eastern Europe for technologies, equipment and materials for electronics products manufacturing. ExpoElectronica exhibition holds the title of the “Best exhibition in Russia” on the subject of electronics and accessories in all categories according to the Russian National exhibition rating. The show is traditionally held in Moscow, in «Crocus Expo» exhibition center. This year’s show occupied the territory of over 17500 square meters and hosted over companies from 21 countries. The exhibition’s business program included 43 conferences, round tables, technical workshops and presentations. Among main domestic exhibitors of ExpoElectronica were presented to the combined exposure of enterprises of the Department of Electronic Industry of the Russian Federation, "Rostech" and "Rosnano" corporations. During the three days, more than 11 000 people visited the exhibition.

In general, Dipaul company joint booth presented all spheres of company activities: equipment for of electronic devices assembly, instrumentation and integrated measurement solutions and equipment for the microelectronics-and 3D-printing and scanning solutions for the production of cable assemblies and wire harnesses, equipment for defects detection, solutions for climatic and vibration tests, clean room. Within 3 days of the exhibition Dipaul company joint booth held a number of interactive presentations for new SMD assembly solutions and cable harnesses equipment.

In the section VIKING technical and ESD furniture we presented a number of new products for installation and repair, equip the workspace, equipment placement and storage systems.

At VIKING technical and ESD furniture section we presented a number of new products in workbenches range, few additional workplaces equipment units, new lines of storage systems and wire harness equipment.

We were happy to announce that Starting from mid-2016, all upper lighting units for all furniture series are also available in LED versions, which was appreciated by our clients.

Visitors of the booth we invited to appraise new model in Alliance and Alliance Automatic workbenches range, which are characterized by modern and ergonomic design and convenient height adjustment system executed by electric drive and remote control unit in Alliance Automatic series and by key wrenches in Alliance series.

SP-01 storage systems product line was also presented on the booth: turntable modular storage counter in both technical and ESD versions, stationary modular storage counter with its movable additions and dividers for both thin bins and thick bins. All modular storage systems are practical, compact and high-capacity solutions for components and tools keeping, that provide further convenience of their usage in different production processes.

We were pleased to show one customized solution: a stationary workbench with movable replaceable middle workplace.

We also exhibited a number of new additional to workplaces equipment: shelves with increased load capacity, holders for bin rails or perforated panels, new types of wardrobe and tools storage cabinets, foot support and  new type of drawer units.
Wire harness equipment line, which consisted of wire harness workbench and holders to fix cables on the working surface, was exhibited together with wire stripping and cutting equipment in Wire processing section of Dipaul company booth.

We were glad to see all of our partners, customers and other professional visitors on the booth and looking forward further cooperation.

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