ESD quickfill magazines

Quickfill magazines meet standard dimensions most frequently used on automated lines. Strong injection molded construction with metal reinforcement (top and bottom). Standardized plate that fits most popular brands on the market. 
  • Not subject to accidental change in width; no wear of moving parts.
  • Partition made of assembled plastic parts
  • This system provides a better dimensional stability when strong temperature variations
  • Meant for 50 PCB’s
Material: Conductive PS (60°C heat resistance) or ABS/PC (110°C heat resistance) for plastic parts, galvanized Iron for metal parts.

Code Dimensions Material version Min./Max. PCB size
22-152-3060 460х400х563 PS 50/300
22-152-4060 355x320x563 50/250
22-152-6060 460x400x563 100/310
22-152-7060 535x460x570 50/390
22-152-8060 535x530x570 120/460
22-152-1120 460x400x563 ABS/PC 50/300
22-152-2120 355x320x563 50/250
22-152-3020 535x460x570 50/390