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ALLIANCE AUTOMATIC electric adjustable workbenches

Alliance automatic workbenches are electric adjustable workstations distinguished by elegant design, advanced ergonomics and motorized worktop adjustment system, performed by electric drive and simple control unit. ALLIANCE Automatic allows setting tabletop height within 3-5 seconds by pressing a button, which is indispensable in certain working processes.

Tabletop thickness for Alliance electric adjustable workbenches is 25 mm.

Alliance automatic workbenches are supplied in a set with adjustment mechanism, lower slat and main shelf.

  • Possible automatic tabletop height adjustment limits (stroke length): 250 mm
  • Automatic height adjustment 700-950 mm from floor
  • Automatic height adjustment speed: 3 mm per second
  • Load capacity: 200 kg
  • Adjustment method - motor adjustable

Alliance automatic workbenches allow further extensions:

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AL-A-PO/1 Additional shelf

Additional shelf for Alliance automatic electric adjustable workbenches.

  • Load capacity: 100 kg
  • Height adjustment: 1050 - 1820 mm.

DL-AA/A Workbench lighting

An aluminum case with two energy-efficient luminescent 54W lamps, light direction regulation and shadowless reflector provided. Quick switching on without shimmering, no strobing freeze.

  • Provides at least 1200-lux illuminance at 1000 mm distance
  • Height adjustment from floor 1150 – 1980 mm

DL-AA/S Workbench lighting

An aluminum case with LED lamp and light direction regulation.

  • Color temperature 4700-5300 K
  • Luminous flux: 5985 Lm
  • Power consumption: 43 W

Under-shelf local lighting DL/N

Additional local LED lighting can be mounted to any workbench series Main shelf and Perforated panel

  • 2 versions: 60 cm length and 90 cm length
  • Angle adjustment 80˚

EPA-AA Power panel

Basic configuration consists of 4 sockets placed in aluminium case with protective contact and 3 m cable. Panel can be equipped with additional sockets, earth leakage circuit breaker, automatic fuse and a phone jack.

  • Nominal load capacity: 10 A
  • Grounding cord cross-section: 0.75 mm

PFP-AA Perforated panel

Panel can be equipped with different holders for additional equipment and tools storage

Dimensions: 1190/1490/1790×325 mm

AL/A-12 1200x700 mm
AL/A-15 1500x700 mm
AL/A-18 1800x700 mm

Standard Alliance automatic are electric adjustable workbenches that are powder-coated in dark grey color (RAL 7012) for lower steel modules and light grey color (RAL 7035) for tabletops and shelves.