Gamma workbenches

GAMMA SERIES workbenches are based on the concept of clear surfaces, where all technical communications are hidden and the fasteners are organically fit the design.

All horizontal surfaces of the workbench are mounted to inverted-L shape supports, which mask built-in technical communications, electrical and lighting connections and all necessary fixture, keeping the workspace clear.

GM GAMMA Workbench

The workbench is supplied in a set: workbench with inverted-L shape side supports, main shelf, upper LED lighting, upper and lower perforated panels and side built-in power panel.

Available in two versions, depending on the location of built-in power panel: with the right (PR in coding, for example GM-18/ PR) or the left (L in coding, for example GM-12/L) power unit in the side panel. The built-in power panel is equipped with 6 sockets (5 with grounding and one without grounding) and a switch button.

Tabletop height adjustment: 3 positions - 740mm, 800mm, 860mm. Additional supports height adjustment - 20 mm.

Upper LED lighting is built into the top horizontal hanger above the tabletop.

  • Color temperature 3950-4000 K;
  • Luminous flux: 4490 Lm;
  • Power consumption: 38 W;
  • Provides at least 1260-lux illuminance at 1000 mm distance from the light source.

All technical communications are easily accessible by opening the board in side supports.

  • for tabletop up to 200 kg
  • for shelf up to 200 kg

Additional options:

Read more about additional modules

GM-PO/1 Additional shelf

  • 1330-1870 mm with a 60 mm pitch
  • depth 400 mm

GM-DL-6 GAMMA Under-shelf LED Lighting

  • Dimensions 748×50×177 mm
  • Angle adjustment - 10°.

GM-EPA Power panel

½GM-EPA Half-size Power panel

Half-size Power panel can be mounted below the main shelf or under the tabletop, GM-EPA Power panel main panel can be mounted on the tabletop with the front side to and fro.
An aluminum case/ two cases with four sockets, protective contact, switch and 3 m cable. Can be equipped with additional sockets, fuses, phone jacks and earth leakage circuit breakers.
Nominal load capacity: 10 A.

Optional drawer units TP-01/P, TP-02/P

Optional drawer units with reduced depth TP-10/P, TP-20/P

Storage solution for tools and components, no place on floor required. Those with reduced to 490 mm depth allow installing various additional equipment under a tabletop.

GAMMA workbenches are bicolored by default; the main color is light gray RAL 7035, additional – turquoise RAL 5021.
Technical version workbenches are supplied with gray (RAL 7035) edges, in antistatic version - with turquoise (RAL 5021) edges.

Options selection


width x depth, cm

Basic elements

Additional upper shelf, cm

Under-shelf lighting

Gamma power panel

Optional drawer units, cm

Equipping Options


Gamma additional shelf

Gamma half-size power panel

Gamma power panel

Optional drawer units

Under-shelf lighting

Bin rail for Gamma workbench