SIGMA ELECTRIC workbench New

VIKING Sigma Electric workbenches are quickly and silently electrically height adjustable workstations, supporting extended ergonomic requirements of each user.

Sigma Electric sit-stand workstation perfectly suits different assembly work, packing applications, R&D and industrial offices. The desk can be additionally equipped with accessories which further enhance ergonomics.

Sigma Electric workbenches 

Sigma electric are electrically height adjustable workstations, supporting any ergonomic requirements of each user.
  • Height adjustment 635-1285 mm 
  • Load capacity 200 kg
  • Max. speed 38mm/s unloaded
  • Stroke length - 650 mm
  • Duty cycle: 10% ~ 2 minutes of continuous use at full load, followed by 18 minutes of pause

Optional accessory - collision protection, minimizing the risk of workbench desk collision with an obstacle

Reinforcing crossbar

Reinforcing crossbar for additional rigidity of workbench.

Rear rack holders

Additional holders for rear racks allowing assembly of upper extensions.

PO Main shelf

Rear racks included.

  • Height adjustment 1000–1800 mm 
  • load capaccity 50 kg
  • Depth 300/400 mm

PO/1 Additional shelf

Requires PO Main shelf to be installed. Rear racks excluded.

  • Height adjustment 1000–1800 mm 
  • load capaccity 50 kg
  • Depth 300/400 mm

EP Power panel/ 1/2 EP Power panel

An aluminum case/ half-size case with four sockets and on/off switch as standard. Can be equipped with additional sockets, circuit breaker, automatic fuse, USB charger and RJ 45 data sockets.

DL/A Classic lighting

Workbench lighting is placed in an aluminum case with 2 energy-efficient luminescent 54 W lamps, light direction regulation and shadowless reflector provided. Quick switching on without shimmering, no strobing freeze.

  • Length: 1200 mm
  • Height adjustmentable

DL/S2 Classic LED lighting

An aluminum case with LED lamp and light direction regulation. Color temperature 4700-5300 K. Luminous flux: 5985 Lm

Power consumption: 43 W

Provides at least 1200-lux illuminance at 1000 mm distance from the light source.

DL/N2 Under-shelf local lighting

Additional lighting can be mounted under the main shelf or attached to perforated panel. Suitable for any workbench equipped with upper modules.

  • 2 versions: 60 cm length and 90 cm length
  • Provides at least 1000-lux illuminance at 1000 mm distance from the light source

Middle upright for all items

Required to hold any ½ item. Three sizes to match standard workbench width.

PFP Perforated panel /½ PFP Perforated panel

Panel can be equipped with di erent holders for additional equipment and tools storage.

RK Bin rail/ ½ RK Bin rail

Aluminum rail for bin storage placed along workbench length.Load capacity 10 kg

PN Sloped shelf

Half-sized shelf with 10-55° angle adjustment provides comfort monitoring of working equipment. Load capacity 50 kg

Optional drawer units with reduced depth

Storage solution for tools and components with depth of 490 mm. Two or three drawers versions available.

IP Cantilever

Upper slat for fastening drawings, additional lighting and instruments. IP Cantilever can be additionally equipped by retracing KL-1200 mechanism.

Additional options for Sigma workbench

Desk Panel DPG1M

The Desk Panel DPG1M is a compact desk panel in the DPG series. It
features Bluetooth® connection, two favourite positions and a reminder
via an LED to remind the users to use their desk. The DPG1M is
activated by tilting the desk panel in the same direction as the desk is
intended to drive, which makes it an intuitive desk panel. The DPG1M
features a modern discreet and angled design. Using the integrated
Bluetooth® and downloading the Desk Control™ App the user can also
be reminded via notifications on computers and smart devices.

Desk ControlTM App

The Desk Control™ App is developed for users of sit-stand desks. The app allows the users to connect to their desks via Bluetooth® wireless technology and will now remind the user to use their sit-stand desks. By downloading the Desk Control app, the desk user comes one step closer to changing the prolonged sitting behaviour. Friendly reminders to change position and statistics to show the daily achievements help the user to build a healthy routine during the workday. Via the app the desk can also be adjusted and the user can drive to prestored favourite positions. The app comes in 8 languages and is available for two different platforms: iOS for iPhones and iPads and
Android for Android smartphones and tablets.

Desk sensorTM 1

The Desk Sensor™ 1 (DS1) is a new Anti-Collision™ solution which can
limit material damage to a desk or an object if a collision occurs during
driving of the desk. The DS1 is a small, compact plug-in adapter based
on gyroscope-technology, and it detects even little tilting of the desk
when the desk is driving up or down. Upon detected tilting, the system
stops and drives in the opposite direction to avoid collision and damage
to the desk or the object. The DS1 can detect both hard and soft
obstacles. The DS1 is highly sensitive, stable and works independently
of load and temperature.