VERSTAK heavy duty workbenches

VERSTAK series offer modular workbenches of heightened rigidity and durability with distributed load capacity of over 500 kg. These workbenches offered only in technical /non-antistatic version.

Maximum functionality is achieved by a range of tabletops, supports and additional equipment. Standard width is 630 mm and height - 800 mm plus tabletop’s thickness.

5 different types of tabletops are available for Verstak serie:
  • 21 mm thick plywood with light grey plastic edges.
  • 21 mm thick plywood covered by 2 mm dark grey metal sheet, the latter is bent over edges.
  • 21 mm thick plywood with light grey plastic edges covered by 6 mm dark grey metal sheet.
  • 6 mm thick dark grey metal sheet
  • combined tabletop made of 21 mm thick plywood covered by 6 mm shockproof, resistant to abrasion and mechanical influences, grey plastic with plastic edges on four sides.
There are 5 standard types of worktop supports:
1а Cabinet unit with 5 drawers on telescopic runners and a lock (+DR-05)
1b Cabinet unit with 3 bigger drawers on telescopic runners and a lock (+DR-03)
1c Cabinet with 2 shelves and a lock (+ TMB-01)
1d Cabinet with 1 drawer and 2 shelves in a locked section (+ TMB-02)
1e Legs
These supports can be combined, but 1200 mm width Verstak workbenches should have legs as one support.

Options selection

width x depth, cm

Tabletop types

Basic elements

Main shelf, cm

Additional upper shelf, cm

Local Under-shelf LED Lighting, cm

Equipping Options

Rear racks (added automatically)


Drafts holder

Monitor holder

Perforated panel

Power panel

Rear racks

Under-shelf lighting

Verstak additional shelf

Verstak main shelf

Workbench lighting

Under-shelf LED lighting

Local LED lighting

DLV/S verstak LED lighting