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VIKING technical and ESD furniture catalogues 2017 release

05 october 2016

We are pleased to inform you that we recently released VIKING technical and ESD furniture catalogs for the 2016-2017 season in both print and online versions. Our English and German catalogs are being updated each year to reflect minor changes in existing successful lines and show our customers new products of the year.

English version catalog «VIKING technical and ESD furniture. VKG Tools ESD equipment» and German version catalog «VIKING Technische & ESD Arbeitsplatzsysteme. VKG Tools ESD Ausrüstung» are available for download and printed version ordering.

New catalogs include the well-known range of VIKING technical and ESD furniture, and most recent items in:

  • Several items in Alliance and Alpha series lines,
  • New garments and tools storage cabinets,
  • New types of suspended drawer units,
  • LED upper lighting for all types of workbenches,
  • Fume extraction systems,
  • Other additional equipment to make working process smooth and comfortable.

New catalogs also offer multiple solutions for personnel and visitors grounding, cleanroom garments and accessories, bins, trays, containers and magazines for ESD storage and packaging.

New catalogs are available for download as .pdf files and printed version ordering.

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