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Heavy-duty movable workstation TM-03/04/05/06 New

Heavy-duty movable workstation for accessories, metalworking tools
and machine-building equipment storage, transportation and operational
use. Heavy-duty movable workstation is supplied in a set with reinforced
wheels and lateral handle for movement.

 Can be additionally equipped with:
  • L-TM – Upper bin with upturns and anti-slip mat 800×40×600mm
  • PFP-TM – Perforated wall 790×595×25mm.
The wall can be additionally equipped with K series holders
Maximum load capacity for perforated panel – 50 kg.
Heavy-duty workstations of TM range are equipped with two types of drawers: A type 700×565×100 mm, B type 700×565×225 mm

   TM-03   TM-04
     TM-05        TM-06
 number of drawers    3     4     5     6
    type of drawers   3 of B type 2 of A type
2 of B type
 4 of A type
1 of B type
 6 of A type

  • Dimensions 800×800×600 mm
  • Load capacity per workstation 350 kg
  • Load capacity per drawer 45 kg