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New units in VIKING furniture range

01 june 2016

We are happy to announce a number of new functional units in VIKING technical and ESD furniture range: new workbenches in Alpha and Alliance series, cabinets and drawer units, wardrobes, movable tables, new shatterproof impact resistant tabletop for Verstak series and LED upper lamps for all series.

  • ALF-T ALPHA T-shaped workbench which is a simplified Alpha series T-shaped workbench without the possibility of any additional extensions
  • New type of Alliance series set - AL-SRST is defined by middle upright and half-size perforated panel, located in the middle part of the workbench and a possibility to mount half-size units like bin rail and power panel
  • Verstak seriesheavy duty workbenches are available with new type of tabletop - combined tabletop made of 21 mm thick plywood covered by 6 mm shockproof, resistant to abrasion and mechanical influences, grey plastic with plastic edges on four sides
  •  New type of LED upper workbench lighting is available for any workbench series that has this kind of unit. New LED lighting involves  45 to 60 LED lamps depending on the size, opal acryl diffuser and provides light flux of 4725 to 6300 Lm
  • New type of suspended drawer units TP-10/P and TP-20/Pwith reduced to 490 mm depth is available for any workbench that allows their mounting. Such drawer units with their smaller sizes (490 x 354 x 490 mm for TP-10/P and 490 x 233 x 490 mm for TP-20/P) give the possibility to install various additional equipment under a tabletop.
  •  Suspended footrest PPN-03/A is specially designed for ALLIANCE series workbenches. The footrest is established on the lower slat and is equipped by a nonskid floor mat.
  • Two-section garments wardrobe 600×1750×500 mm is equipped with 4 shelves (2 for each section), 2 rods with hooks for garments and additional perforation that provides ventilation of the inner zone.
  • Tools storage cabinet is equipped with 6 retractable drawers 460/2×130×550 mm, each divided into 2 parts.

All new items are available for purchase since June 2016. Our partners and customers are welcome to ask any questions and/or make orders for any of the mentioned above.

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