VKG C-300 ESD Chair

ESD laboratory chair with five conductive glides, conductive incombustible polyurethane upholstery. Can be additionally equipped with: ESD casters, ESD armrests, footrest and enlarged gas lift.

  • Back angles adjustments
  • Seat height adjustment: 43 — 57 cm
  • Resistance: less than 1 MOhm
  • Weight: 7,5 kg

When ordering, choose necessary gaslift which corresponds with chair code:

  • KJ/200 gaslift provides possibility of 43–63 cm seat height adjustment. Choose VKG C-300/KJ200 ESD chair
  • KJ/260 gaslift provides possibility of 54–83 cm seat height adjustment. Choose VKG C-300/KJ260 ESD chair

ESD glides or ESD casters should be ordered separately. Can be additionally equipped with: ESD armrests and ESD footrest.