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Yaroslavl radioworks corporation

Branch: Industrial Electronics, Consumer electronics, Microelectronics, Machine-building industry
Year: 2014

Yaroslavl radioworks corporation is one of the leading Russian industrial and consumer electronics manufacturers.

Yaroslavl radioworks corporation implements manufacturing, selling, service engineering and repairing radio communications on directions:

  • Portable and movable means of ground mobile communication and control;
  • Airborne and stationary means of communication and control for aviation;
  • Means of communication and control for all ranks of ships: sea and river fleet;
  • Space onboard communication and navigation equipment , including " GLONASS" system;
  • Rescue means of communication for aviation and navy, including the operating system «COSPAS-SARSAT».

Works and services performed:

  • Complex equipment of assembly manufacturing ( total area: 1200 sqm) where all complex of works on installation, assembly, adjustment and testing of equipment in the frequency range 1 MHz-17 GHz;
  • Equipment a number of installation, maintenance and laboratory areas;
  • Over 350 units of workbenches, storage and transportation units, chairs, Fume cube (smoke trapping systems) and different ESD equipment were supplied

Supplied equipment

Movable tables PS series

All movable tables are equipped with four 75 mm casters, 2 of which are with brakes.

VKG C-300 ESD Chair

ESD laboratory chair with conductive incombustible polyurethane upholstery.

Movable drawer units

Steel frame movable drawer units are designed for tools and components storage.

CLASSIC workbenches

Workplaces are simple, functional and inexpensive. They can be placed in a line with no gaps for conveyor work.

Enlarged stationary drawer units

Steel frame enlarged stationary drawer units are designed for tools and components storage; can be also used as additional workplaces.

CONSTANT workbenches

Workbenches (with unregulated height) that are equipped with functional supports and can withstand increased load.

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