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Polytechnic college of municipal economy

Branch: Technical education
Year: 2009

Polytechnic college of Municipal Economy is state educational institution of secondary professional education in Saint-Petersburg.

College was formed by combining 4 oldest educational institutions of secondary professional education in Saint-Petersburg:

  • GOU SPO “College of radio electric industry”;
  • GOU SPO “Saint-Petersburg radio technical school”;
  • GOU SPO “Saint-Petersburg mechanics and instrument-making technical school”;
  • GOU SPO “Saint-Petersburg book business technical school”

College conducts education in 10 specialties affecting many sectors of modern industry and economic activities of the city. The peculiarity of educational activities at the college is that graduates are ready to manage manufacturing enterprises. It is provided by a powerful material and technical base, equipped laboratories and workshops.

Equipped sectors:

  • Practical-training center of mounting and assembly production;
  • Laboratory of  electrical and power supplies;
  • Laboratory of programming and computer-aided manufacturing;
  • Electro radio-measuring  workshop

Sectors were equipped with industrial and ESD furniture VIKING (workbenches, ESD chairs, storage and movable systems), ESD garments, tools and additional equipment VKG Tools.

College was equipped with measuring equipment Agilent Technologies, Fluke, soldering equipment Hakko (MyData) because of the complex project of refurbishment the educational institution. 

Supplied equipment


ESD Mats are primarily used to prevent sensitive electronic devices damage by an electrostatic charge.

CLASSIC workbenches

Workplaces are simple, functional and inexpensive. They can be placed in a line with no gaps for conveyor work.

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