OSTROV workbenches

Workbenches that are mirror-like, designed for the most effective use of workspace.

Code Dimensions
SO-12-7 2 x (1200×700) mm
SO-15-7 2 x (1500×700) mm
SO-18-7 2 x (1800×700) mm

SO Workbench

Two mirror-like situated workbenches allow effective use of space. Basic configuration includes 300 mm shelves for each workplace.

Height adjustment:
655-950 mm

Load capacity:
300 kg

Temperature resistance:

PO-O Additional shelf

Double additional shelf.

  • 2 versions: 30 cm depth and 40 cm depthfrom each side
  • Height adjustment: 1100 — 1800 mm
  • Load capacity: 50 kg

PO/2 Underneath shelf

Not compatible with optional TP-01/P drawer.

  • Load capacity: 100 kg

EP-O Power panels

Basic configuration consists of 2 aluminium cases each with 4 sockets with protective contacts and 3 m cables. Panels can be equipped with additional sockets, earth leakage circuit breakers, automatic fuses and phone jacks.

  • Nominal load capacity: 10 A
  • Grounding cord cross-section: 0.75 mm

DL-O/A Workbench lighting

DL-O/A: Workbench lightings are placed in aluminum cases, each with 2 energy-efficient luminescent 54 W lamps, light direction regulation and shadowless reflector. Quick switching on without shimmering, no strobing freeze.

  • Length: 1200 mm
  • Height adjustment: 500 — 1350 mm
  • Illuminance at 1000 mm distance: 1200 lux central and 800 lux peripheral

DL-O/S LED Workbench lighting

The light source consists of two lamps installed on a T-shaped rack. The case for each lighting unit is made of aluminum, light direction regulation provided.
2 versions: 900 mm length (for workbench width 1200 mm) and 1200 mm length (for 1500 mm and 1800 mm width workbenches)
  • Light source: LED lamps (45/60 pcs.)
  • Light flux: (4725/6300 Lm)
  • Power consumption: 33/45 W.
  • Material of diffuser: opal acryl
  • Height adjustable:  500 mm - 1350 mm

Under-shelf local lighting

Additional local LED lighting can be mounted to any workbench series Main Shelf and Perforated panel. Provides uniform illumination level. 120˚angle adjustment.

RK-O Double Bin rail

Aluminum rail for bin storage placed along workbench length.

  • Load capacity: 10 kg

PFP-O Double Perforated panel

The panel can be equipped by different holders for additional equipment and tools storage.

IP Cantilever

It was designed for easy-to-reach attaching of drawings, lighting and instruments. IP Cantilever can be additionally equipped by retracing KL–1200 mechanism.

Optional drawer units

Storage solution for tools and components, no place on floor required.

New items - suspended drawer units TP-10/P and TP-20/P with reduced to 490 mm depth. It allows installing various additional equipment under a tabletop.


  • TP-01/P: 490 x 354 x 580 mm
  • TP-02/P: 490 x 233 x 580 mm
  • NEW! TP-10/P: 490 x 354 x 490 mm
  • NEW! TP-20/P: 490 x 233 x 490 mm

Read more about additional modules

Individual requirements and customized layouts welcomed.

Options selection


width x depth, cm

Basic elements

Additional double shelf, cm

Underneath front shelf

Underneath back shelf

Equipping Options

Local Under-shelf LED Lighting, cm

Optional front drawer units

Optional back drawer units



Computer case support

Double bin rail

Double perforated panel

Double power panel

Drafts holder

Monitor holder

Optional drawer unit

Ostrov additional shelf

Ostrov workbench lighting

Under-shelf lighting

Underneath shelf

Ostrov double LED lighting DL-O/S

Shortened optional drawer unit