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Office premise

Branch: Unspecified technical and office premises
Year: 2013

DIPAUL Company pays attention to improving the range of industrial furniture and using actual technologies. Understanding current requirements for equipping manufacturing workshops, electronics manufacturing and instrumentation enterprises, as well as close cooperation with international experts, it allows producing products which are not only better, but also appropriate for ergonomic standards, optimization processes and intraworkshop space organization.

In 2013 ALPHA series workbench was introduced to the market, which was used to equip working space. ALPHA series is recommended for office and technical staff of the enterprise, industrial premises and technical schools. There are two versions of workbenches: single workbench and double workbench (consist of 2 mirror arranged workplaces in one frame).

ALPHA series workbenches are equipped with a double perforated panel, which creates an acoustic screen, it is particular important for open space offices.

Supplied equipment

ALPHA workbenches

ALPHA series workbenches are designed as an extension of Alliance series product line. Alpha series workbenches allow effective use of space, offer practical structures and a compact size.

Monitor support

Adjusting support helps to save space on the tabletop.

Drafts holders

Metal plate is used for drafts holding

Suspended computer case support

Dimensions 230×470×450 mm when folded, can be adjusted by screws. Suitable for any VIKING workbench.