Stationary cabinets

Steel frame stationary cabinets and drawer units are designed for tools and components storage and can be also used as additional workplaces. All stationary cabinets and drawer units can be installed as worktop supports for Constant series workbenches and Verstak series heavy duty workbenches. All standard stationary cabinets and drawer units are bicolored by default.

All cabinets and drawer units have /1 in code if standing separately (for example, DR-03/1) and indicated without additional number in code if used as Verstak or Constant series support (for example SR-12+DR-03).

Drawers’ inner dimensions for different types are:
B — standard 400×100×505 mm
C — standard 400×160×505 mm
D — standard 400×200×505 mm
   TMB-01/1   TMB-02/1   DR-03/1
  DR-05/1 TMB-03/1
  Quantity of drawers/shelves   2 shelves
1 drawer   3 drawers   5 drawers 2 sections
  Type of drawers/shelves
  standard shelves
  1 B-type
400×100×505 mm
  3 C-type 400×160×505 mm.   4 B-type
400×100×505 mm
1 C-type 400×160×505 mm
2 closable sections
 Dimensions   500×800×590   500×800×590   500×800×590   500×800×590  540×1050×
×500 mm
  Weight (kg)   25 30   35  40  20

When ordering, please, mention whether ESD or technical version required.